Hello! friends do you want to get android system in your laptop or desktop.
If yes then simply use this trick!
By using this software ypu can use various android application which need
google play service you can use application
like Viber for free call. 

Bluestacks with Root...
Available for download...
No surveys, No fake links...
Easy Download...
Rooted Bluestacks...

Note: when u click on the download link, wait for 5sec & then click on " Skip Add " in Top-Right corner of webpage...

1) Download Bluestacks offline setup
2) Download Below two files to root Bluestacks
initrd.img :
Root.fs :
3) Follow below Steps to root Bluestacks very easily...

i) Install BlueStacks
ii) Quit Bluestacks completely
=To quit bluestacks completly...
a) for 32-bit OS goto C:\Program Files\Bluestacks and then doubleclick on HD-Quit.exe.
b) for 64-bit OS goto C:\Program Files (x86)\Bluestacks and then doubleclick on HD-Quit.exe.

iii) Go to your BlueStacks-ProgramData directory
Note: Your Hidden Files n Folders Should be shown as ProgramData/ApplicationData folder is Hidden system folder
a) for Windows 7/8/8.1 goto C:\Program Data\BlueStacks
b) for Windows XP goto C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\BlueStacks
and then just simply Replace Root.fs and initrd.img with the 2 files in this post
iv) Restart BlueStacks and your Bluestacks is rooted...

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