We all know that a slow internet connection really costs time and makes feel annoying many friends ask me the ways to increase their internet speed however. It’s possible to do to some extent and make your internet much better than it was in the past. 

There are Two tricks that will help you to increase your internet speed.. 

First Method- Speed Up Your Net Speed By 20% 
1. First you go to start button 
2. Go To Run (Windows + r) 
3. Type gpedit.msc And Then Hit Enter.
4. Then Expand Administrative Templates.
5. Then Network 6. Then QoS Packet Scheduler. Now A New List Appear     Click On Limit Reservable Bandwidth. Just Disable it.

Now You Click On Apply . That’s It Now You Are Done!! Now Just Restart Your Computer. 
And I hope you will Get change in Your Speed Some Basic Tricks From My Side- 
1. Use Eagleget To Boost Your Downloading Speed. 
2. Use A Good Anti-virus in Your Computer. 
3. Remove Unwanted Add-ons, Software; Unwanted Files Form Your Computer. 
4. Update Your Drivers Periodically. 
5. Keep A Good Maintenance Of Your Computer. 

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