Microsoft is launching preview for Windows 9 / Threshold at the end of this September. After this launch beta tester can download beta / preview version from the day onward. It is hoped that code named Threshold operating system by Microsoft will be able to fulfill our gripes with windows.

Though Full featured Business version of Windows 9/Threshold will be available in 2015 only users can download preview / beta version after 30th September. After the launch of Windows 8 in February 2012 as preview and business version in October 2012 without start button Microsoft’s users were unsatisfied with new look and it launches Windows 8.1 with changes in preview adding start button. As Microsoft was unable to get good response from user’s after launch of Windows 8.1 its launching Windows 9 / Threshold preview version let’s hope it will be best for everyone.

It’s assumed that annoying Windows 8 Charms Bar will disappear, virtual desktops will be introduced, and the Cortana voice Assistant may come along.

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