One of the biggest rumors surrounding the Facebook Messenger app was that it "listen to your conversations via the device microphone and watch you via your device camera". As I have already posted about Facebook Messenger and Facebook policy in my previous posttoday I’m here with my opinion about rumor about Facebook messenger app. If you have installed Facebook Messenger app in your mobile you might have seen which is asked to accept while downloading as in figure shown beside. Let's break down the Facebook Messenger app to understand why it needs access to certain services which are not needed for other apps.

With Facebook Messenger app you can do following things:

· Chat with other users either with the device keyboard or by using voice input

· Send audio messages to users, 

· Send images and videos to users using your camera

· Use your location

It must have access to those services or input methods in order for the app to do these things.

Facebook Messenger app only uses your device mic when you record audio to send to someone in a chat or when you use speech to text input for chatting. It's not listening to your private conversations. I recommend you read the permissions listing in apps from the Google Play Store. You should read it carefully and logically. Know that certain apps and certain services require specific features from your device. That the Facebook Messenger app also need following:

Receive data from the internet, Download files without notification, Run at start up, Prevent device from sleeping, View network connections, Install shortcuts, Change your audio settings, Read Google service configuration, Draw over other apps, Full network access, Read sync settings, Control vibration, Change network connectivity. (Without taking all above feature Facebook Messenger can’t work)

In my opinion Facebook Messenger is not listening to your conversations or watching you via your device camera by any means and it will not steal your identity, any information. You can download and install the Facebook Messenger app and get your social media chat on without any fair about rumor Facebook Messenger app was that it "listened to your conversations via the device microphone”.

Keep on using Facebook Messenger app without any fair, But I am not 100% sure that Facebook Messenger don't track any record. I'm just sharing my view with you all about Facebook Messenger rumor.

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