Are you getting fed up due to Candy Crush or any other App request in Facebook? If yes just follow these simple steps which can help you. With this process you will be able to disable whole App platform in Facebook. It will also turn off apps, games, plugins and websites from your Facebook account. Just view instruction / picture as shown to turn off apps, games, plugins and websites in your Facebook.

· Click drop down button at the top right of any Facebook page 

· Select Settings

· Select Apps in the left column

· Under Apps, Websites and Plugins, click Edit and then Disable Platform

Remember that if you turn Platform off you can't use the Facebook integrations on third-party apps or websites. You may also lose information about apps or games. Try these tips if you want to disable all apps & games request in your Facebook, though you can enable it any time. 

Now, you would no longer get candy Crush or any other game request in Facebook.

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