Today I’m sharing you a trick to recover files from your card with error so that you can save your files. Memory devices should be handle properly for longer use due to our small mistakes memory chips get damaged and we have to lose files too. If you use camera phone you should use its memory stick carefully therefore you won’t have error with your card. Simply follow these rules while using your camera than you won’t get any problem:

· Don’t take out your memory stick from camera without switching camera off.

· Don’t turn off camera directly while you are taking or viewing image.

· Don’t unplug your camera cable directly while you connect to PC/Laptop.

· Wait until copying of files is completed then eject your device from PC/Laptop.

If you have broken these rules you might have seen a minor problem Format Disk error with your memory card. This is due to the problem in your card if you don’t have any files in your memory card you can format it directly but if you have files and need to keep those file you need to recover first. There are many software’s available for recovery among them I used to use Card recovery software which is light but work well. If you want to download this software just follow download icon shown below.

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