Google one of the popular social site providing various featured products like Search, YouTube, Gmail, Maps, Play store, Drive, Calendar, Google+, Translate, Docs, Books, Blogger etc. has changed its Google+ features and added features like Communities & Collection as in popular Social Media Facebook & Twitter.

Google is taking a different tack in its new update according to blogpost from Google’s Director of Streams Eddie Kessler, headlined “introducing the new Google+ ”, detailed a redesign of the service aimed at improving the experience for people who actually use it.

As Google+ was not getting popular among many people as it provide few features such as sharing content, chatting, creating a YouTube channel. Google announced that it is stepping to offer a more focused experience for its user by adding new features. In new Google+ Communities feature let the site’s users group together around shared interests & Collection features allows individual users to group their posts together by topic. In the new design these features are added in front and center part of menu section.  

New Google+ is less of the Facebook clone and more on focused experiences based around sharing and connecting over specific interest. But its similar to sites such as Reddit & Pinterest.

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