In this post I will show how to do settings for Opera Mini browser so that, Nepali web pages can be viewed using a mobile phone. This method will work for all mobile phones with java support.
But here I have added some of the screen shots related to viewing Nepali pages. Before starting, this is how a Nepali unicode page looks, if you are trying to open a Nepali page without doing the setting.

Ekantipur  - Before setting
First step is to type the address bar "about:config" and press go.

Opera Mini - Address to open configuration page
Now this will show a menu called "Power-User Settings" where some settings related to loading of pages will be shown, from this menu we have to change the setting "Use bitmap fonts for complex scripts". Default selection for this setting will be No. Inorder to read Nepali pages, change this setting to Yes.

Change setting to Yes
Now click save and go back to the Opera Mini home to open any Nepali page and see.

Enabling this option will result in higher data rate. For example, ekantipur site size is 129KB with setting and it was only 32KB before enabling the setting. If you are upgrading Opera mini to a higher version, then this setting has to be done again.

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