To activate the GPRS Connection Service on your SIM directly from your Mobile Type vgprs and send it to 1400.

For setting just follow these steps

Proxy Server :-, Port :- 8000 (which is normal http port)

For accessing internet/WAP through your mobile handset :-

GPRS APN :- ntnet

GPRS Home Page :-

Even though NTC encourages users to use WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) to connect internetnet in your mobile handset, it is advised to config with ntnet rather than ntwap. Be warned NTNET is faster (atleast theoretically, and will bring in more data volume consumption!) than NTWAP.

NTC GPRS Setting for Smartphones

For accessing internet through computer by using GPRS service in your mobile phone :-

APN :- ntnet

It’s all automatic now, just send an SMS with gprs in message and send to 1404. Then NTC will send you the GPRS configuration which you need to save in your mobile phone, then restart your handset, voila you have working Internet connection now.

Just remember for your specific mobile phones:

Keyword for gprs setting

gprs (nokia, lg, motorolla, indian etc)

sagprs (samsung mobiles)

segprs (sonyericsson mobiles)

chgprs (chinise mobiles)

Keyword for mms setting

mms (for all phones except iphone, blackberry, windows and htc)

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