The National Examination Board (NEB) has started internal preparations for the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) of Class 10 and the final annual examination of Class 12 with a gap of one week. The board has started preparations to take the final examination of SEE and Grade 12 in the third week and last week of Jesth respectively.

The deadline to fill up the registration form by students across the country for SEE was 6th Falgun. The board has informed that the work of archiving the students is being done in the districts at present. It is estimated that it will take up to Chaitra to verify the details of all the students. Only then the number of students giving SEE next year will be known. This time, the number of students may be reduced due to corona virus infection, but it has not been confirmed yet. The government has already decided to facilitate transfer to class 10, targeting students who have left one school for another.
Currently, the registration of students studying in class 11 and 12 is underway. The board has provided time to the students to fill up the registration till Chaitra. After filling the form and completing all the preparations the examination of class 12 can be taken in Jesth. The final examination of class 11 will be conducted by the concerned school. Last year, the government had decided to give the right to conduct class 11 examinations and publish the results to the school concerned. Poudel informed that the examination of class 11 will be conducted by the school concerned unless the government takes any new policy decision.

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